Avinash Kumar

Data Scientist, AI/ML Engineer

    A strong believe in Machine Learning and AI capabilities with passion of research to venture into multiple dynamics of life and society. Aspire to put in my AI skills and Programming experience in explorations.


IIIT Banglore

Postgraduate | Data Science

20018 - 2019

SSGMCE, Amravati University

Bachelor in Engineering | Information Technology

2008 - 20012

Industry Experience


Technical Leader, Automated Driving Solution

Tech Stack: Python, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, CNN, RNN, SPARK, Trusted AI; Platform: Kubernets, AWS
June '20 - Current

• A Distributed and Scaled Solution to incorporate Model Development and Training of various Self Driving Modules
• Imparting Trusted AI for the modules being developed


Consultant, CORA AI

Tech Stack: Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Attention, Transformer Model, OpenCV, Tesseract, CNN, RNN; Platform: VS Code, azure
Dec '18 - June '20

• Developed OCR tool using mixed approach of convolution models, Filters and open-source libraries like tesseract, OpenCV.
• Developed Transformation deep learning Model for text association and segment mapping of Financial documents.

Tata Consultancy Services

IT Analyst, Domain: Banking and Finance

Project 1 : cross product Sell Prediction
Tech Stack: python, Flask, Panda, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn; Platforms: Jupyter-notebook, Git
Dec '12 - Dec '18

• Developed model to predict potential buyer of financial product among existing customers.

Project 2 : Credit Card and Rewards Management System
Tech Stack: Spring, Java/J2ee, Rest, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS; Platforms: RTC, QC, Jenkins
Dec '12 - Dec '18

• Developed customer management portal for various credit card modules like direct debit, extended payment plans etc.
• Developed various portlets for rewards functionalities like Thank you program, Rewards Redemption etc.

Data Science Projects

Credit Lending, Customer Acquisition

Domain: Banking and Finance

Tech Statck: sklearn, Pandas, Python

Dec '19

Objective: To create strategy to ‘acquire right customers’ and mitigate credit risk for credit Lending organisation
Solution: Created a machine learning model via Random Forest & logistic regression to present defaulters’ prominent attributes
Achievements: Developed a model with Recall 0.72 and Accuracy 0.68

Facial expression detection

Domain: Retail

Tech Statck: TensorFlow, Python

Oct '19

Solution: Designed convolution neural network using transfer learning on VGGFace model to detect expression
Achievements: Achieved accuracy of 0.81 in 2000 data samples

Churn Analysis

Domain: Telecome

Tech Statck: sklearn, PCA, SVM, Python

Oct '19

Objective: Churn analysis of telecom service provider and suggest way to early analyse probable churns
Solution:Designed SVM along with Logistic regression to predict the probable churn
Key Achievement: Created a model with Recall 0.78 and Accuracy 0.65

Leads Analysis

Domain: Retail

Tech Statck: sklearn, Pandas, Python

Sep '19

Objective: To analyse the leads of educational institutes and suggest strategy for different budget scenario
Solution: Created Linear regression model suggesting score of various lead to strategize for different scenario Key
Achievement: Achieved AUC of 0.82


TensorFlow in Practice

Deeplearning.ai | May’ 20

Deep Learning Specialization

Deeplearning.ai | Sep’ 19

Machine Learning

Stanford Online | Dec ‘18


Technical Skills

Languages & Frameworks: Python, TensorFlow, Keras, SQL, Java, Spark, Hive, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Rest (Web Services)

Packages/Libraries: Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, OpenCV, StatsModels, PDFBox, Tableau

Statistics/ML: Linear/Logistic Regression, Classification, Clustering, Decision Tree, SVM, Random Forest, CNN, RNN

Key Skills

Supervised Learning • Unsupervised Learning • Regression • Machine Learning Model • Neural Networks • Deep Learning Models • Data Analysis • Text Analysis • NLP • Image Analysis • Hypothesis Testing • Data Visualization • AWS • Web Development • Web Services

Functional Skills

• Agile • Team Management • Requirement Analysis


Computer Vision | IoT | Excursion | Martial Arts